6mm ARC Premium Build - FAB Defense Gradus Grip


6mm ARC Premium Build - FAB Defense Gradus Grip

The next part of this 6mm ARC build is the pistol grip. Grips are very much a personal preference where comfort and ergonomics vary with each individual. With that said there are certain features that tend to lend themselves well to various applications. This piece will dive into a couple of grip options for a compact precision build like the 6mm ARC in this series.

FAB Defense Gradus GripThe FAB Defense Gradus grip is one of my all time favorite grips. It has a more of a vertical profile that is comfortable to my wrist in most shooting scenarios. The vertical position also lends itself well to a clean straight back pull of the trigger. The Gradus grip is also rubberized with grooves and a texture that helps maintain a positive grip when sweaty or dealing with rainy conditions. One downside of the rubberized grip is they tend to hold on the dirt more than a straight plastic grip. This may bother some people so its worth mentioning but its not a complaint we hear very often.

FAB Defense AGR-43 GripThis next grip that was up for consideration on this build is the AGR-43 Ergonomic Pistol Grip. This grip relies on Finger grooves and backstrap shape to prevent slipping in inclement weather or stressful scenarios. The finger grooves also provide a very comfortable and consistent interface with the rifle. Anytime you set yourself up for consistency and comfort, you set yourself up for precision shooting. Another nice feature on the AGR-43 is the storage compartment with a sealed hinged door. This is great for batteries for optics or night vision devices.

In the end we went with the Gradus grip on this build. No particular reason that's better than another, other than personal preference. Anyone who selects either grip will be well served in this application or any application that is typically suited for an AR-15 or M4.