Upgraded Parts

  • FAB Defense AK-47 vanguard M-LOK handguard system

    AK-47 Vanguard M-LOK Handguard System



    The Vanguard AK is the new handguard by FAB Defense, featuring the M-LOK® rail system, in a slim design that incorporates an innovative heat shield for optimal performance. Advantages: M-LOK®compatible handguard accepts direct attachment...

  • fab defense glock charging handle

    Charging Handle for Glock



    The FCH Glock Cocking Handle allows tactical cocking function. Ideal for single handed operation. Advantages: Enables Single-Handed Cocking of Glock Handguns Useful When One Hand is Injured or Ocuppied e.g. Enables Driver to Cock Weapon While Keeping...

  • fab defense ar15 m4 ejection port cover

    Ejection Port Cover for M16/M4/AR15



    The PEC Polymer Ejection Port provides a perfect fit for your AR15 ejection port replacement. Advantages: Durable, Hardwearing & Lightweight Polymer Construction Will Never Rust, Corrode or Fade Flexible - Will Never Deform Improves Ejection Port...

  • fab defense flip up iron sight BUIS

    Front and Rear Set of Flip-up Sights



    The RBS is an advanced, dual aperture, durable and low-profile auxiliary rear sight. It can be used with any front sight and was designed for more accurate aiming and faster target acquisition. Windage is easily and quickly adjusted without tools. RBS...

  • FAB Defense offset flip-up iron sight set ar15 m4 backup

    Front And Rear Set of Offset Flip-Up Sights

    $108.99 - $117.99


    Features: Sleek design with minimal protruding parts No tools needed for a quick and easy elevation and wind adjustment RBS – Rear Back-up sight can be manually adjusted for windage FBS – Front Back-up sight can be manually adjusted for...

  • fab defense front flip up iron sight BUIS

    Front Polymer Flip-up Sight



    FBS is an advanced, low-profile, durable, auxiliary front sight. It can be used with any rear sight, but has been designed to provide an extreme optical advantage when paired with the FAB Defense RBS Rear Back-up Sight. Sight pin elevation is easily and...

  • fab defense glock competition optic mount

    GIS - Polymer Scope Mount for Glock



    The FAB Defense Polymer Scope Mount is a highly functional accessory for your Glock handgun. This scope mount provides an upper picatinny rail for optics and a front under side rail for foregrips or flashlights. Constructed of durable and lightweight...

  • fab defense m203 folding stock adapter system

    M203 Standalone Conversion Kit



    The FAB Defense FD-203 Stand-Alone Conversion Kit transforms the Standard M203 into an independent weapon system. Features: Folding stock to minimize size. Secondary lock on folded position. Provides optimal eye to target alignment. Provides a...

  • SKS SB chassis system M4 ar15 buttstock

    M4 SKS Complete Chassis System w/ M4 Buttstock



    FAB Defense SKS Chassis system is a complete solution offering an upgrade for the aging SKS platform, with folding & collapsible buttstock system, an integrated magazine release lever and integrated grip and Picatinny rails. Features: Quad...

  • MOJO Improved Mag-Well w/ Replaceable Grips black

    MOJO Improved Mag-Well w/ Replaceable Grips



    The MOJO is the latest evolution of the FAB-Defense bestselling product, the MWG. The MOJO is the first product developed with the recreational shooter in mind, like its predecessor, the MOJO transforms the standard AR Magwell into a comfortable and...