Charging Handle for Glock

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Product Overview

The FCH Glock Cocking Handle allows tactical cocking function. Ideal for single handed operation.


  • Enables Single-Handed Cocking of Glock Handguns
  • Useful When One Hand is Injured or Ocuppied e.g. Enables Driver to Cock Weapon While Keeping One Hand on the Wheel
  • Most Common Object can Provide Counter Pressure for Charging a Glock with a Cocking Handle: Belt, Pants Waist, Vest, Railing,Table, Chair
  • Fits all Glock pistols except G42 & G43
  • Cocking Handle Base Replaces Slide Cover Plate
  • Quick Attachment & Removal of Handle to/from Plate While Base Remains Mounted
  • Switches Quickly to Adapt to Left-Handed or Right Handed Shooters
  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Ideal in Emergency Situations