R.A.P.S Rapid Adjustment Precision Stock - Collapsible


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• Integrated Cheek Rest & adjustable Length Of Pull (LOP)

• Patent-pending 1 Latch system, locks both LOP and Cheek Rest height with one lever; can be configured for right or left-hand shooters

• LOP memory feature; set it once and the adjustable butt-pad will spring out to the same length every time

• LOP Adjustment Range extension: 32mm (1.26”)

• Integrated Cheek Rest, adjustment range; 42mm (1.65”)

• Concealed Picatinny rail at the bottom of the stock for use with a monopod

• Heavy-duty, rubber butt-pad with height adjustment

• The RAPS-C includes a retention bolt, for determining optimal fit on MIL-Spec or Commercial-Spec Carbine buffer tubes

• Easy installation, no gunsmith required

Weight 20.6oz
Width 1.65"
Height 5.98"
Length 7.99"
Height (open / deployed) 7.63"
Length (open / deployed) 9.25"
SKU: fx-rapsc


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Nice features, some improvements needed

I have a handful of complaints/suggestions, but don’t mistake that for me suggesting it’s a bad stock. It’s not. It’s a good stock. There’s just some things purchasers need to think about and adjustments to make for a subsequent version. The most obvious problem you will find with this stock is that it rattles too much on the buffer tube. It doesn’t rattle any more than any other stock, but for a stock that is clearly intended for a precision rifle (comb and length-of-pull adjustments and a pic on the bottom for a monopod) it is far to wobbly for precise shots. There is a common solution that fixes the problem: Velcro tape on the top of your buffer tube. Stock will still move up and down the tube but the wobble will be gone. I think the buttpad adjustment needs to be longer. The ideal use of this stock is to find a place on the tube where your length-of-pull is good standing up with the buttpad fully collapsed. When going prone, you yank the latch out to extend the buttpad for prone shooting. You ultimately retain the ability to move the stock up and down the buffer tube if absolutely necessary, but ideally the stock remains on the same notch. The buttpad extension is not quite long enough to accomplish this. The comb adjustment is more than enough, so that’s nice. Even using some super high riser for your optic, you have more than enough comb. But you can begin to see in the product photos that the comb adjustment is much larger than the buttpad adjustment. Would be nice if the comb mold had a cut in the front so you could fully pull your charging handle even with the comb up. The final thing is the button for releasing the stock and sliding it up and down the tube is not friendly. Most stocks you squeeze that button. It feels very natural and is very easy. This one you pull in the opposite direction. It is not user friendly. It’s not that big of a negative though because, again, I feel the best use of this stock is to keep it on one position on the tube and use the buttpad extension to go from standing to prone — though you maintain the convenience of moving the stock up/down the tube if absolutely necessary. The stock is otherwise nice and has good features. I will be keeping it on my DMR build for a time. At the current price, I would appreciate it a lot more if it was absolutely perfect. I think there are adjustments that should be made to justify the price, but it is a nice stock. I do not see a reason to purchase the non-collapsible variant as it negates the advancing of the AR being such a modular system.
Posted by Andrew, 07/15/23