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  • fab defense picatinny rail for standard ar15 m4 handguards

    Standard Picatinny Rail for AR-15/M4/M16 Handguards



    Our UPR 16/4 Universal Picatinny Rail provides enhanced position versatility for your Tactical Lights and lasers and any other Picatinny compatible accessory. Advantages: Compensates the Handguard's Angle To Allow Desired Parallel To Barrel Positioning...

  • Mossberg tactical pistol grip ad buttstock adapter by fab defense

    Tactical Folding Stock w/ Cheekpiece - Mossberg 500



    The UAS 500 Combined Pistol Grip and UAS Buttstock was designed to enhance overall tactical control of your Shotgun. Features: Ultra-rugged design Slim, with low profile Incorporates a push-button release spring locking mechanism for efficient opening...

  • fab defense single point bungee tactical sling

    Tactical Single-Point Bungee Sling



    The Bungee One Point Tactical Sling is a heavy duty adjustable elastic sling, made for optimal weapon handling, comfort & configuration options. Advantages: Securely attaches to any single sling port Enables rapid and effective operation Suitable...

  • fab defense tactical vertical foregrip

    TAL 4 - Tactical Vertical Foregrip



    The TAL-4 Tactical Vertical Foregrip is designed to provide improved hold on your weapon and more comfortable use of pressure activated devices with the dual sided optional slots.Advantages: Quality non-slip design Double side pressure switch housing...

  • fab defense tavor 21 tar-21 tactical pistol grip bipod

    TARPOD - Tavor 21 Podium Grip



    The TAR Podium is specialty made bipod platform for the TAR 21 rifles. *US Patent No. 9,354,012. Advantages: Compact and sleek design with no protruding parts. Rapid deployment mechanism operates by the push of a button. Provides steady and durable...

  • fab defense folding vertical foregrip

    TFL - 7 Position Vertically Folding Foregrip



    The T-FL 7 Positions Vertically Folding Foregrip quickly transforms from a horizontal grip into a vertical grip by the push of a button and provides enhanced versatility, grip and functionality. Advantages: Easy to fit and secure slides on the rail and...

  • FAB Defense adjustable vertical foregrip

    TFS Adjustable Side Folding Foregrip



    The T-FS Side Folding Foregrip adds additional versatility and enhanced weapon handling. It enables 7 different positions for tactical shooting and overall superior front grip option. Advantages: Swiftly adjustable foregrip Enhances overall weapon...

  • fab defense standard polymer ar15 m4 handguard

    Tough Polymer Handguards for M16/M4/AR15



    The HG-S AR15/M16 classic Polymer Handguard provides you with an excellent hold on your rifle and is extremely durable. Advantages: Provides an Excellent Grip on Your Rifle Incorporates Aluminum Heat Shields Appropriate Insulation and Ventilation Holes...

  • fab defense rotating tactical bipod forgrip

    TPOD G2 - Rotating Tactical Foregrip & Bipod



    FAB's new uniquely designed T-POD-G2 Rotating Tactical Foregrip & Bipod transforms foregrip into a fully functional Bipod by the push of a button Advantages: Transforms from a Foregrip in to a fully functioning Bipod by the push of a button Head...

  • fab defense tactical bipod foregrip

    TPOD G2 QR - Gen 2 Low Profile Foregrip-Bipod



    The T-POD G2 QR is a State-of-the-Art Foregrip that swiftly transforms into a fully functional Bipod by the push of a button. Advantages: Wide angle leg opening offers stability and enhancing combat positioning The only fully functional bipod for...

  • fab defense tavor magazine coupler

    TZ-M9 9mm Tavor Magazine Coupler



    The State-of-the-Art TZ-M9 Polymer Magazine Coupler for your 9mm Tavor is extremely durable in harsh operational environments,and maintains superior swift reload performance capability. Avantages: Provides Convenient Extra Clip Carry & Improves...

  • fab defense polymer magazine coupler

    TZ2 - Polymer Magazine Couplers



    The TZ-2 is a durable & light-weight polymer magazine coupler, made for secure magazine operation and rapid magazine change. Advantages: Facilitates swift magazine change Durable and Light-Weight fiberglass reinforced polymer construction Quick...

  • FAB Defene UAS SKS Chassis

    UAS SKS Chassis



    Advantages: Quad Picatinny rail system- Upper, Lower & two removable side rails Folding buttstock - Push-button side folding mechanism and spring based locking in folded position Five QD sling swivel sockets Large ergonomic pistol grip Integrated...

  • FAB Defense ruger 10/22 folding stock chassis

    UAS-R Chassis for Ruger 10/22



    The R10/22 UAS Precision Stock Conversion Kit presents a high quality and ability enhancing upgrade for the Ruger 10/22. This unique stock offers the perfect combination of a classic bench-rest design with a modern tactical versatility and buttstock...