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  • fab defense SA VZ 58 Pistol Grip

    SA. VZ. 58 Pistol Grip



    Our AG-58 Ergonomic Pistol Grip provides enhanced grip and improved weapon handling for SA VZ 58.Advantages: Ergonomic design prevents wrist fatigue and ensures secure grip Improves trigger operation Built-In storage compartment Made of MIL-SPEC...

  • fab defense 5 round ar15 m4 ultimag magazine

    ULTIMAG 5R 5-Round Limited AR15 Magazine



    The Ultimag 5R is a high grade, extremely reliable 5 rounds polymer AR15 magazine Advantages: Ergonomic design made for enhanced grip and faster magazine change Specialty made floor plate for specialty-made coupling options Dissembled by hand, no tools...

  • FAB Defense vanguard m-lock forend upgrade mossberg 500 590

    Vanguard Forend - Mossberg 500/590



    M-LOK® Compatible Handguard For The Mossberg 500®/590® The Vanguard is featuring the M-LOK® rail system, in a slim yet durable design. Tested to withstand use during rapid fire, the Vanguard is built with the professional user in mind. ...

  • Speedlight G2 6V Tactical LED Light

    SPEEDLIGHT G2 6V - 6 Volt Tactical 1in LED Light



    Built specifically to be placed on firearms, our durable Speedlight G2 6V - 1 inch tactical flashlight incorporates state-of-the-art design for all your tactical light needs. Advantages: 1 inch Diameter Aerospace Aluminum Casing Hard Anodized Mil Spec...

  • FAB Defense carbine length quad rail handguard

    NFR Carbine Length M16 Aluminum Quad Rail



    The New NFR Aluminum Quad Rail System provides you with a carbine length M4 handguard upgrade enhancing your weapon's overall tactical performance, ventilation and versatility. Advantages: Four 1913 MIL-STD Picatinny rails for versatile mounting...

  • fab defense front flip up iron sight BUIS

    Front Polymer Flip-up Sight



    FBS is an advanced, low-profile, durable, auxiliary front sight. It can be used with any rear sight, but has been designed to provide an extreme optical advantage when paired with the FAB Defense RBS Rear Back-up Sight. Sight pin elevation is easily and...

  • fab defense flashlight mount

    PLA-1 - Flashlight Picattiny Rail Adapter



    The PLA is a high grade polymer picatinny adaptor for Tailcap activated tactical lights and lasers that was made to provide easy ambidextrous activation, a solid solution for your light and laser mounting.Advantages: Designed to hold Tailcap activated...

  • fab defense glock charging handle

    Charging Handle for Glock



    The FCH Glock Cocking Handle allows tactical cocking function. Ideal for single handed operation. Advantages: Enables Single-Handed Cocking of Glock Handguns Useful When One Hand is Injured or Ocuppied e.g. Enables Driver to Cock Weapon While Keeping...

  • fab defense mossberg 500 590 pistol grip

    Pistol Grip for Mossberg 500/590 Shotgun



    This highly durable Mossberg 500 compatable Pistol Grip enhances overall hold on weapon, adds a storage compartment and improves overall weapon stability.Advantages: Rock solid one piece ergonomic design Special non slip texture Made from quality...

  • fab defense quad rail galil handguard

    PRG Galil Polymer Quad Rail Handguard



    The PRG Galil polymer Quad-Rail Handguard provides an optimal upgrade for your Galil, reducing weight and allowing optimal tactical versatility for any 1913 Picatinny based reflex sights and accessories. Advantages: Enables four 1913 MIL-STD picatinny...

  • FAB Defense Gradus Rubberized AK Pistol Grip

    Gradus Rubberized Ergonomic AK Pistol Grip



    Improve your grasp on your weapon to control your shots at any distance using the FAB Defense Gradus Rubberized Ergonomic AK Pistol Grip. These AK/AKM Parts made by FAB Defense feature a 15-degree reduced grip angle that enhances your precision in CQB...

  • fab defense VZ58 tactical handguards

    VZ58 Set of Lower and Upper Handguards



    The SA-58 is a Polymer Quad Rail System provides an optimal upgrade for your VZ.58, reducing weight and allowing optimal tactical versatility for any 1913 Picatinny based reflex sights and accessories. Advantages: Enables four 1913 MIL-STD picatinny...

  • fab defense eod letter opener

    LO - Letter Opener



    The LO 'Letter Opener' is a high quality Letter Opener Ideal for EOD Personnel. Advantages: Completely Non-Metallic and Non-Absorbent Making this a Perfect Tool for EOD Personnel Made of High-Tech Composite Materials with 60% Glass Fibers Provides...

  • fab defense picatinny sling adapter

    PSA Picatinny Sling Attachment



    The new 'PSA' Picatinny Sling Attachment provides a Picatinny platform for your tactical sling attach options. Advantages: Incorporates the durable SLS QD Sling Swivel and a universal picatinny attachment Allows Ambidextrous Use Provides Additional...

  • fab defense tactical rifle sling

    SL-1 - Tactical Rifle Sling



    The SL-1 Tactical Rifle Sling is optimal for both routine carrying and for a variety of tactical operational modes. Advantages: Allows comfortable over the shoulder, over the neck and routine cross chest carry Transitions instantly between single-point,...

  • fab defense tavor magazine coupler

    TZ-M9 9mm Tavor Magazine Coupler



    The State-of-the-Art TZ-M9 Polymer Magazine Coupler for your 9mm Tavor is extremely durable in harsh operational environments,and maintains superior swift reload performance capability. Avantages: Provides Convenient Extra Clip Carry & Improves...