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  • fab defense 3 rail tactical foregrip

    AR-15 Polymer 3 Rail Handguard



    The FGR-3 Tri-Rail Handguard system equips your M4 / AR15 with the perfect combination of free handguard gripping space and three picatinny rails for multiple mounting options Advantages: Enables three picatinny rails for multiple mounting options...

  • fab defense remington 870 railed shotgun pump forend

    PR-870 Remington 870 Rail System



    The PR 870 with it's three Picatinny compatible rails, enhances your weapon's mounting versatility.Advantages: Facilitates Three Picatinny Rails Mount Picatinny Compatable Accessories on your Remington Shotgun State-of-the-Art Ergonomic Design Durable,...

  • fab defense ar15 m4 ejection port cover

    Ejection Port Cover for M16/M4/AR15



    The PEC Polymer Ejection Port provides a perfect fit for your AR15 ejection port replacement. Advantages: Durable, Hardwearing & Lightweight Polymer Construction Will Never Rust, Corrode or Fade Flexible - Will Never Deform Improves Ejection Port...

  • fab defense AK AKM AKS AKMS Zastava Folding UAS Style Buttstock

    AK/AKM/AKS/AKMS/Zastava Folding UAS Style Buttstock



    Advantages: Tough and robust design, slim and low profile Imbedded adjustable cheek piece Provides optimal eye to target alignment Permits appropriate trigger access when in folded position Integrated quick detach sling swivel connectors on both sides...

  • FAB Defense adjustable vertical foregrip

    TFS Adjustable Side Folding Foregrip



    The T-FS Side Folding Foregrip adds additional versatility and enhanced weapon handling. It enables 7 different positions for tactical shooting and overall superior front grip option. Advantages: Swiftly adjustable foregrip Enhances overall weapon...

  • fab defense ar15 magazine coupler

    ULTIMAG 10R 5 Magazines Coupler



    The Pentagon Magazine Coupler provides a unique external coupling option for the 10 Rounds Ultimag AR magazines. Advantages: Highly ergonomic design Durable high grade polymer construction Maintains 10 cartridges limitation External coupler - does not...

  • fab defense flip up iron sight BUIS

    Front and Rear Set of Flip-up Sights



    The RBS is an advanced, dual aperture, durable and low-profile auxiliary rear sight. It can be used with any front sight and was designed for more accurate aiming and faster target acquisition. Windage is easily and quickly adjusted without tools. RBS...

  • FAB Defense glock 42 magazine extension

    4-Round Magazine Extension for Glock 42



    The 42-10 is a magazine floor-plate replacement for the Glock 42 that adds 4 rounds for a total of 10 rounds in a magazine.Special ergonomic design enables secure manipulation of the magazine and a full grip on the weapon when the magazine is in use...

  • fab defense iwb covert holster

    Covert G9 - IWB Holster Fitting Several Gun Models



    FAB-Defense is proud to introduce our newest product in the Scorpus® line of holsters, the Scorpus Covert. The Covert has a special slim design for the thinnest IWB holster possible, with rounded back for comfortable carry and a thin profile made...

  • fab defense snap cap dummy rounds

    Dummy Practice Ammo, Package of 10



    The new PDA- Practice Dummy 9mm Ammunition allows professional dry handgun training. It allows the loading of 9mm polymer bullets to your magazine for realistic scenario training. Advantages: Exact replica of 9x19 ammunition, manufactured with high...

  • FAB Defense GL-CORE S CQB sbr stock

    GL-CORE S CP - CQB Optimized Combat Stock



    The GL-Core S CP version includes the GL-Core S stock and the GCCP Cheek Rest, designed to support the use of different optics and holographic sights on the AK and VZ platforms. The design process started with the GL-Core buttstock, and implemented all...

  • FAB Defense offset flip-up iron sight set ar15 m4 backup

    Front And Rear Set of Offset Flip-Up Sights

    $108.99 - $117.99


    Features: Sleek design with minimal protruding parts No tools needed for a quick and easy elevation and wind adjustment RBS – Rear Back-up sight can be manually adjusted for windage FBS – Front Back-up sight can be manually adjusted for...

  • fab defense SA VZ 58 Pistol Grip

    SA. VZ. 58 Pistol Grip



    Our AG-58 Ergonomic Pistol Grip provides enhanced grip and improved weapon handling for SA VZ 58.Advantages: Ergonomic design prevents wrist fatigue and ensures secure grip Improves trigger operation Built-In storage compartment Made of MIL-SPEC...

  • FAB Defense vanguard m-lock forend upgrade mossberg 500 590

    Vanguard Forend - Mossberg 500/590



    M-LOK® Compatible Handguard For The Mossberg 500®/590® The Vanguard is featuring the M-LOK® rail system, in a slim yet durable design. Tested to withstand use during rapid fire, the Vanguard is built with the professional user in mind. ...